Group Chat Made Easy

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Remote Workplace

Lingr helps remote workers to get things done faster. Distance is no longer an issue.

Unlimited Chatters

Need 100+ people online in the same room? Planning an event with large audience? Challenge us. :)


All chat logs are saved automatically unless you delete. Better yet, each message has a permalink.

Embedding Content

Just paste a link to Images, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, mp3 or flv and it will show up instantly. Also Github's gist and Pastie are supported.

Privacy By Permit

Sending invitations could be messy. On Lingr, private rooms are protected by permit, a passphrase that is requested to everyone who wants to join.

Shared Ownership

We support organic communities. Each room has one or more owners. Assign any number of moderators as you like, or transfer ownership when you step down.

Mac and iPhone Apps

Check out our Mac, iPhone and iPad apps. By mention starting with "@", you can send message directly to the iPhone.

Helper Bots

Let bots join to your room for assistance. Creating your own bot is easy - just write a simple CGI, and register the URL as a bot. Check out Lingrvant!

Full-Fledged API

That's not only for external apps - our dashboard page is completely based on the Lingr API. Create one yourself!