Lingr is back.

It was a sad event that we had to shut down Lingr in 2009, which was originally created by Danny Burkes, Chris Boone, Satoshi Nakagawa and me.

But now, since Infoteria kindly handed over the ownership to me, Lingr has been reincarnated as my personal project, and completely rebuilt from the ground up, with a bunch of new features.


– Kenn Ejima


How do I get news about Lingr?

Follow @lingr on Twitter.

Also, early ideas and thoughts are shared by @kenn, and @Psychs might be able to answer if you have a question about Mac, iPhone and iPad apps.

What's the best tool to share screenshots?

Our users find Gyazo (Win, Mac) is dead simple and works great with Lingr. If you need finer control, Jing (Win, Mac) and Skitch (Mac) are good, too.

Will Lingr remain free?

Sort of. Since Lingr greatly benefits from the open source communities, we will stay completely free to them (time to let go of IRC, people!). Also, we want to remain free for public rooms that promote Lingr in a good way.

However, if you use Lingr for your business privately, we'd like to reserve the right in the future to get a fair share of running cost from you.

How many people can join in one room at the same time?

While there's no hard limit enforced in any way, expect something around 100 to 500 to be practically useful.

What kind of technologies you use?

We are many things. Namely: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Redis, Nginx, Thin, EventMachine, Sinatra and many other good stuff. We really appreciate the awesome open source communities!

Where is the API docs?

Under construction right now, but for the moment, you could read our JavaScript binding that is actually used on the website. :)

Are you sure Lingr will continue to exist?

Right now, Lingr runs on a smaller instance of Linode, where the database is backed up daily to Amazon S3. With scalability in mind, just starting small. Which means that our burn rate is incredibly low - so low that it's impossible to be unsustainable. :) You could imagine how soon we could be profitable when we introduce paid plans.